We offer self-performing (do it yourself) membership based programs as well as personalized care programs in our center, at your home or office.


Self-performing and do it yourself programs

These are membership based programs offering you a freedom of using our center including all the instruments and fixture. Your monthly memberships programs includes, our total Body composition Scale, Facial wrinkle reductions and care, weight loss and belly fat burning systems, body core exercising, meditation and stress reduction technology.

Our basic membership program starts from 2 hours a week for $175.00 per month. No other fees and no annual or monthly contract meaning you can cancel at any time without any penalties or fees. Hours not used are not transferable and or replaceable.

How it works

We train and support you on all instruments until you feel confident in using them on your own.

Your Personalized Programs

Your Health Insurance may be cover some of our services please check with us if you are qualified!
Our Weight Loss Programs (5 Weeks -12 Sessions) 
                            A- $129.00 Per/Session
                            B-$159.00 Per/Session includes products
                                 Belly Fat Burning/ Detoxing
                                 Facial Rejuvenation Products
There will be additional $25.00 per-session for in-home/office session

Week 1 & 2 (3 times/week)

Week 3,4, and 5 (2 times/ week)


Psychophysiological/Biometric Initial Evaluations and Measurements

Mind/Body Connection

Belly fat burning with Ultrasound Technology 

Belly fat burning with Ultimate Abs Stimulator and Core Exercising

Belly fat flash detoxing products and consulting

Nutritional/dieting coaching and consulting