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Behavioral Health Coach & Wellness 


Empower people to function and feel their best! Get certified and become a Behavioral Health Coach & Wellness (Certified Behavioral Health Coach- CBHC). Learn the latest in innovative Behavioral Health, Psychophysiology, Fitness and Nutrition through our comprehensive Behavioral Health Coach and Wellness certification program.

Training and Certifications offered online-Price: $650.00

After Completion we will provide you with  

Certification of completion

Consent Forms

One 30 to 45 minutes supportive session (Optional- one on one and in person or via phone)

Behavioral and Wellness Health Coaching is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging a client to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values, and transform their goals into action. Behavioral Health Coaching draws on the principles of positive psychology and the practices of motivational interviewing and goal setting. 
As a Behavioral Health Coach you are trained in:
Stress Management/easing Depression 
Effective Communication within a family system
Personal Growth - setting goals, balancing work/life
Common Adjustment to Change/Loss/grieving 
Parenting Skills
Positive Coping Skills
*Smoking/Alcohol and substance abuse Cessations (Supervision and Guidance required)
Healthy weight management and maintenance
•Physical activity
Healthy eating/nutrition


The health care is changing direction towards mental behavioral profession. Have you ever thought of becoming counselor, therapist, or a psychologist, but did not want to put up with all the hassles it comes with? Now you can! Simply by using the experience, knowledge, credential and support of a psychologist provided to you. Get specialized just within days and benefit the reward of helping others as behavioral life coach specialists. It does not matter what educational or working background you have, you can become certified and work independently within days and not years with a minimum cost. Set your own office, get your own client/patient, set your own price, and enjoy the life of as a successful professional by helping children, adolescents, and adults living a better and healthier life. 

In General Health Coach certifications are offered through private institution and agencies. Wellness coaches focus on setting and reaching health goals. They also provide counseling on nutrition, weight and stress management issues. Coaches may also address health risks or physical energy levels. Behavioral and Wellness Coaches integrate counseling skills and health education to create a hybrid profession that is part life coach and part personal trainer. 

Behavioral Health Coach Training and Certification Topics

Part I

Becoming A Behavioral health Coach
• Principles of Coaching
• Overview of What Coaching Is and Is NOT
• Contents of a First Coaching Session
• Client Assessment 
• S.M.A.R.T Goal setting
• Identifying Benefits, Barriers, and Solutions
• Effective Coaching Skills 
• Strategies for Success
• Demonstration of other Models & Practice
• A Follow Up Coaching Session & Practice
• Promoting Yourself As a Coach
• Business Aspects (Ethical & Codes of Conduct) for Coaching



Part II
Therapeutic Approach to behavioral Change
• Coaching Behavior Change (The Transtheoretical Model of Change)
• Clinical Interviewing
• Inter-personal Approach
• Client-Center Approach
• Positive behavioral Change (Positive Psychology)
Part III 
Final Exam and Certification
• Final Exam (26 multiple choice questions)
• Certification ( within FOUR business day-Will be emailed to you)

How to Start?
Sign Up (Intake Form)
Pay Fees
Get Access to our online study materials and Exam (You will be receiving an email with your personal user name and password. You have Three weeks access to take the exam)

Take Final Exam

Price: $650.00

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Nutrition Health coach Certification          Online Study with 15 Final Exam                                    Questions

As a nutrition health coach you participate in a program to learn how to be a supportive mentor guiding others to identify healthy diets, nutrition accordingly, and making healthy lifestyle changes fitting in to their daily life. You will learn about fundamental in nutrition science, weight management, exercise and fitness, dietary planning, and how to set up specific goal for your clients and helping them to reach their goals.    

Price: $ 285.00

After Completion we will provide you with  

Certification of completion

Consent Forms

One 30 minutes supportive phone session (Optional)

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PayPal or Credit Cards
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