Embrace the restorative ability of your body and mind.

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              Who We Are

Our Wellness Balance Center introduces a multi-dimensional approach to an overall healthy mind and body for those seeking an alternative to invasive medical and surgical options, in a busy and complex world. Our unique approach to enhancing the inherent beauty of women revitalizes and rejuvenates your health and natural elegance.

Brain-Skin Connection


The secret to vitality, youthfulness, and enjoying a longer life of tranquility is a peaceful, positive mind. There is an absolute connection between our state of mind, aging, and the condition of our skin. Our Neuro Sense rejuvenation & anti aging fusion is designed to address this connection in a single product line that is restorative and replenishing.

               What We Do

Our center's comprehensive programs are based on the science of psychophysiology (interaction between body & mind.) We utilize advanced technology in real time brain mapping, biofeedback, ultralight facial therapy, as well as our "plant stem cell herbal therapy." Incorporating the science of Gemmotherapy into our treatments we are able to keep your mind healthy and balanced, your body fit and energized, and your skin younger and healthier as you age.

* Our mindfulness, facial, weight loss program, and belly contouring systems are proven, safe, and effective. For your convenience ( in addition to our clinic) we also provide mobile services

 in-home/in-your office program


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At our Wellness Balance Center we understand that perhaps now more than ever, people are beset by a multitude of challenges and obstacles in regard to their health. We also believe that one cannot maintain a healthy being without a powerful foundation. Our evidence based practices will provide you with this foundation by returning your body and mind to a state of homeostasis. One need only look to nature for instruction on how to thrive during our journey throughout life. In the same way a flower lives accordingly to the seasons, so must we become united with our own inherent set of needs and natural balance. Please contact us today and let us aid on you on your journey, and as seen in nature, blossom to the abundance of your true potential.



Our experienced medical and clinical team set the highest standard in mental and physical health. We aim to exceed your expectations in a private, holistic, and therapeutic environment. We will conduct a thorough consultation and explain all your options as well as our suggestions, to ensure your familiarity and confidence with your personalized health and body enhancement plan.


             Eating Disorders Linked to Brain

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Our healthy body programs address not only the physical body and diet but also the mental and emotional aspects that interfere with your weight management goals. The absolute success in keeping a healthy weight comes with balancing your mind/brain before balancing your body.



Put your mat away and give your back and neck a rest. "Standing ab-core exercises" work more muscles than crunches. While sit ups and crunches work only superficial surface muscles, our standing core exercises strengthen deep core muscles and burn excess fat from the inside out.

Our 5 step program gives you very specific  individualized direction, and tools and support that expose the secrets of weight loss in an objectively systematic approach.

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Revolutionary twenty-first century approach to health care that includes a wide range of behavioral and lifestyle interventions


A superior, science based weight loss program combined with our concept of mind and body plasticity; incorporating elements of clinical psychophysiology, biofeedback, core exercise, and integrated nutritional care. This powerful science based approach differentiates our programs and services from the plethora of weight loss products currently on the market. We recognize that common obstacles to maintaining a healthy weight may relate to functional or chronic disorders, exacerbated by situational stress, psycho-social factors, and generally unhealthy lifestyle choices. We are able to create an individualized, care centered lifestyle program for a mindful, leaner, and healthier you! Please contact us to begin the journey to your ideal version of you.